Road Status: 

Reopened: Lien Road, South Pearson Road, Najt Road, South Lyman Lake Road, Oakland Road, Eastman Road, Oliphant Road, Neuman Road, Swamp Road, East Lyman Lake Road, Brannan Road, Jacksino Road, and Range Line Road.

Closed:  Clara Barton Road (between Range Line Road and South Pearson Road) and Lucas Road.

A STATE OF EMERGENCY HAS BEEN DECLARED IN THE TOWN OF OAKLAND.   Oliphant Road and South Pearson Road are now closed.  With 13 roads closed (and the possibility of more), travel is not recommended in our township at this time.  Many of our roads are severely compromised, culverts are washed out or gone, and the water is continuing to rise.  Please do not travel if you don't have to--stay home and stay safe.  The Board and Road Crew are monitoring the situation very closely.  Thank you for your patience as we weather this emergency together.

IMPORTANT:  Effective 6/17/18, the following Roads in the Town of Oakland are closed:  Eastman (at CTH B), Oakland, Lien, Neuman, Old Lyman Lake, Swamp, Range Line, Brannen, Clara Barton (East of Jacksino), Jacksino (North of Clara Barton), and Najt due to flooding and washouts.  Please use extreme caution if you must travel.  All of our roads have been affected and are in rough shape--it is best to stay put if you can.  Updates can also be found on our Facebook page.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!  

"Help Keep Our Town Clean and Green!"


Please take the time to clean up the roadsides in your area and place any garbage in the garbage bins and any recycling items in the recycling bins.  

Every little bit helps! 

Thank you!!!   


Welcome to the official website for the Town of Oakland.  We are located approximately 11 miles south of Superior, Wisconsin.