Are you interested in serving on the town's Plan Commission/Land Use Committee?  This commission plays an integral part of our town and meets one time a month (a stipend of $25 for each meeting attended is paid).  We are looking for new members to join the Plan Commission/Land Use Committee as the current members have served well over their 3-year term.  If you are interested in serving or want more information, please contact a town board member or the Plan Commission Chair (listed below) to get more information and to express your interest in serving.  Thank you.

Plan Commission - Land Use

Website:  https://townofoaklandlanduse.com/

Plan Commission Chair:  Brian Conley, 715-399-8611 or blconley@centurytel.net

Plan Commission Members:

     Sandy Waletzko, 715-399-8670, jszko_30@hotmail.com

     Sandee Pease, 715-399-0600, sandeepease@centurytel.net

     Stan Dzikonski, 715-817-0035, sdzikonski@aol.com

     Mary Brill, 715-817-2580, newmarycbr1@yahoo.com